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Alongside our traditional employment services offerings, The Arc Greater Hudson Valley is also a significant employer of people with I/DD. Operating under the newly created name Dospak, we provide over 40 people with I/DD the opportunity to work on private contracts with state and other businesses in a variety of roles – some work in food production and packaging, others work in  janitorial roles, and others are assembly workers collating, packaging and shipping products to stores across the nation.


The name Dospak was born with the merger of The Arc Sullivan-Orange Counties and The Arc of Dutchess. All three counties had a long history of providing quality employment supports and business to business services before merging, and the decision was made to consolidate these offerings and bring them under a single brand to increase awareness and drive new business and employment opportunities for the people we support.


Taking inspiration from our long history of contract services and our geography, we created Dospak – an amalgam and abbreviation of Dutchess, Orange, Sullivan, and Packaging. 


As of 2022 Dospak provides commodities and services to a variety of private and governmental entities throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond. Specializing in packaging, assembly and janitorial services, dospak also provides short, medium, and long term contract work services to businesses large and small – to meet a seasonal increase in demand at your business, freeing up regular employees to address a pressing challenge, or to take care of a specific, time consuming task that is important yet not essential. Some of the roles we have performed for customers in this area vary from cleaning delivery and return cartons, weekly processing of returned items, and a host of other minor but mission critical tasks.


Dospak is also a proud supplier of c-fold paper towels. Purchasing locally sourced unbleached recycled paper towels for your business is an investment in our environment and our community.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you meet your business challenges head on,

To learn more about how we can help you meet your business challenges head on. Contact - Julie Bell 845-796-1350 Ext 32102