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Board & Senior Management

Our combined staff is deeply committed to respecting and supporting what matters to the people with disabilities that receive services from our organization.. Please visit our CONTACT page to access contact information for programs and services in all three counties.


Senior Management

Board of Directors - The Arc Greater Hudson Valley, NY 

Our Board of Directors, formed by of members of the former Boards of The Arc Sullivan-Orange Counties and The Arc of Dutchess, is firm in its commitment to ensuring the sustainability and vibrancy of our combined organization. Comprised of professionals and advocates from across the Hudson Valley region, the individuals listed below devote their time, treasure, and talent to the supports provided by the organization. 

President: Steven Drobysh

1st Vice President: Sharon Russitano 

2nd Vice President: Kathleen Donahue

Secretary: Amanda Friedemann

Treasurer: Kurtis Nordahl.

Directors: Paula Barber, Lorraine Costello, Anne Clarke, Stephen C. Dambra, Maureen Dart, Richard I. Gordon, Joanne Grant, Victor Lazar, Mary Jane Lekanides, Joan Lopez, Stephen Miller, Susan K. Miller, Anna Milucky, Terrence Mullen, Stephen Muller, Dylan Murphy, Robert Pogue, Georgia Sullivan 

Scheduled Board Meetings

 Board meetings are generally held virtually. Check back for schedule.


Foundation Board

To ENSURE that programs in each of our three Counties are supported by donors in those communities, The Arc Greater Hudson Valley has three separate Foundations that empower donors in each County and fundraises to supports the programs and services in their County. 

The Arc Greater Hudson Valley Foundation Board of Directors

President: Greg Goldstein, 
Vice President: Keith Studt
Treasurer: Deborah Francis
Secretary: Amy Stillwagon

Director: Amanda Dana
Director: Joan Patterson
Director: Scott Perry
Director: Paul Pomerantz, MD
Director: Marie Smith

The Arc of Dutchess Foundation Board of Trustees

President: Malinda Pollack
Secretary: Lorraine Costello
Treasurer: Ross Trapani 

Directors:  Mark Metzger, Esq., Joanne Grant

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