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Mailing Address
162 East Broadway
Monticello, NY 12701

Administrative Offices:
203 Cimarron Road
Monticello, NY
(No mail received at this address)

Main Phone: Sullivan & Orange Programs: 845-796-1350 (unless otherwise noted)

Important Extensions
Children Services: Maureen Stewart Ext. 12801
Clinic: Amy Johnson Ext. 16108
Community Service & Inclusion: Audrey Kenney Ext. 12100
Community Habilitation Sullivan County: Audrey Kenney Ext. 12100
Community Habilitation Orange County: Sarah Cwikla 845-564-1855
Corporate Compliance / HIPAA:  Brandon Rubik Ext. 12000
Day Services: Colleen Borko Ext. 15103
Education: Beth Laub (845) 564-1855 Denise Blair (845) 344-2292
Employment Services: Julie Bell (845) 427-2077  Ext. 2102
Facilities Maintenance: Owen Goldsmith Ext. 11600
Foundations: Joan Glase Ext. 11050
Guardianship: Lesia Williams Ext. 12002
Human Resources: Denise Burgio Ext. 11302
Human Resources: Cindy Prince Ext. 11301
Information Systems: James Holdsworth Ext. 11100
Intake: Chelsea Murphy: Ext. 11303
Public Relations: Joan Glase Ext. 1050
Recreation Orange County: Sophia Sofokles (845) 561-0670 ext 2134
Recreation Sullivan County: Jennifer Paynter Ext 16118
Residential Sullivan& Orange Counties: Peter Catal (845) 343-0871 Ext 4431

Fax 845-796-3213

Main Phone: Dutchess Programs: 845-635-8084

Important Dutchess County Program Extensions:

Associate Executive Director: Marie Fitzmaurice Ext. 21134

The Arc of Dutchess Foundation: Sarah Weikel Ext 21171
Clinic: Christine Henning Ext. 21146
Community Habilitation: Catherine Ottaviani Ext. 22115
Corporate Compliance / HIPAA: Melinda Walsh Ext. 21136
Day Habilitation: Catherine Ottaviani Ext. 22115
Employment Services: Linda G. Campbell  Ext. 23400 
Facilities Maintenance: Rick Devizio Ext. 22174
Guardianship: Lyn Deslandes Ext. 22156
Human Resources: Jen Muller Ext. 21107
Media & Public Relations: Sarah Weikel Ext. 21171
Recreation: Catherine Ottaviani Ext. 22115
Residential: Kimberly Spielberg Ext. 21141 

Fax: 845-635-8083

Arc Greater Hudson Valley Department Email Addresses

General Information


Clinic Services

Community Hab Orange County

Community Hab Sullivan County

Day Services


Employment Services
(NOT for Employment: Contact Human Resources- 3 links below – if seeking employment)

Family Support Services Reimbursement


Human Resources Inquiries

Public Relations
Joan Glase

Quality Improvement
Brandon Rubik


Chelsea Murphy

Lesia Williams

Recreation and Family Services

Recreation Orange County

Recreation Sullivan County


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